Congo basin Institute, situated in Cameroon, is a permanent base where Africans can work in partnership with international researchers, but working out their own solutions to their own problems. CBI is using an interdisciplinary approach to show how universities, NGOs, and private businesses can partner in international development. Instead of parachuting in experts from the West for short stays, CBI is building a permanent presence in Africa, a one-stop shop for logistics, housing, and development of collaborative projects between Africans and international researchers.

Africans are the greatest change agents for Africa.

Find integrative breakthrough solutions that conserve the environment and meet the vital needs of the developing world.

CBI’S mission

Sub-Saharan Africa is ground zero for potentially devastating impacts of climate change on food security, human health, and the environment.


Build a center of higher learning and center of scientific excellence in Central Africa — generating research that decision-makers can use to address sub-Saharan Africa’s interlocking environmental and development challenges.

CBI’s Plan

We invite you to join CBI, make use of our labsfield stationsaccommodations and donate to advance research and training in the Congo Basin.

Vision Plan for CBI (pdf)

Yaoundé, Cameroon
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