1. The human body has more microbes than there are human cells. In fact, microbes are ten times more than the number of human cells in a living human being.

2. The human mouth has approximately 500 bacteria species.

3. The largest bacteria can be viewed with the naked eye, (Thiomargarit namibiensis and Epulopiscium fischelsoni) This bacterium is also known as the ‘sulfur pearl of Namibia’ and is found in the Ocean.

4. Beef tapeworm is the largest parasite with a length of about 25 feet. (this can easily be transferred into your gut)

5. Mycoplasmas are the smallest known bacteria.

6. In 1918 influenza virus killed more people than those who died in World War 1.

7. Half of the oxygen in the atmosphere is generated by microbes.

8. Microbes are small but not simple. They have complex processes, structures, and behaviors like other animals.

9. Without microbes, life on earth cannot be sustained

10. It is true that there are microbes everywhere but not all microbes are everywhere.

11. Microbes can be used to solve a crime. For example, it might be hard to catch a sex offender using DNA if the offender used a condom. However, bacteria found in pubic hair could be used to identify such suspects.

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