I (Sarah Nyakeri) am not the best communicator around but passionate about it, especially science communication. I am learning everday. I created this space to share news, articles, explainers, summaries of publications and communicate anything to do with science to the general audience and scientists too.

Science Media Africa specialises in science relating to Africa. I recently launched the scientist’s path. I have done one podcast and a Video awaiting editing- One African currently outside (Kenyan in the UK doing academia) and one African (Cameroon citizen) in Africa(South Africa) not in academia. These are pilots that I am working on to make communication easier. I have partnered with Planet Wizard Africa to do this series. As a company already doing health journalism and other stuff and currently doing an AMR documentary, I felt they would be the best support to push this idea forward.

The whole idea of this project is:

  • Give the general audience an insight into what it takes to be a scientist, the Type of scientists and the work they do.
  • To give a younger scientist a guide into a science career by learning from others in addition to knowing the diversity of careers paths one can follow after school.
  • To give scientists a platform to reach a wider audience with their work and hopefully increase their chances of getting collaborations on the type of work they do.

I am open to other collaborations on the same to push science forward. I am also open to ideas, positive criticism and input from the public. The first pilots will be out soon. Subscribe below to get updated.

Are you an African scientist? Either working in Africa in science or African currently out of the continent or African working in Africa. Email Sarah.nyakeri@sciencemedia.africa to be part of the series.

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